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Our Approach

For Vets


Expert veterinary service provided with compassionate, collaborative, and comprehensive care.

At Haarstad Veterinary Dermatology, we focus on what’s best for your pet. Our approach is “high-touch,” meaning we take the time and effort to treat every patient with the full extent of our knowledge, expertise, and passion as animal lovers.

We’re not interested in seeing as many patients as possible. We’re invested in the well-being of every pet we see, developing relationships with both them and their owners as we help manage ongoing allergy, skin, and ear problems.

As a traveling veterinary dermatology practice, we bring our full range of services to your regular clinic or home for your comfort and convenience. We work together with pet owners and their primary veterinarians to provide the best care possible. Using our collaborative approach, we will co-create a personalized, effective solution to ensure your pet’s comfort and relief – together.

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