Prioritizing your pet’s comfort and health, providing you answers and results. 

Dr. Amy Haarstad is a board-certified traveling veterinary dermatologist serving pet owners throughout Minnesota and the surrounding areas. She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of allergy, skin, and ear conditions in animals, always prioritizing the care and comfort of each patient. See what clients are saying.

“ Dr. Haarstad has been my cat's specialist for several years for ear problems. She takes a real interest in her patients and that is not fluff! Dr. Haarstad has rearranged her schedule to see my cat twice! She has a nice 'bedside manner' and my cat seems to like her; a good thing when you are having implements shoved down your ear hole. I have every confidence in Dr. Haarstad and feel fortunate to have her knowledge available. My sickly kitten is now a happy healthy cat! ”

- Dan P.

“ My regular vets were having issues diagnosing my dog's issues. One visit with Dr. Haarstad and we had his issues figure out. The thing I found most reassuring is that she was available via text at any time I had questions. ”

- Jenny L.

“ Dr. Haarstad has worked wonders for my cat Moxie! She had chewed quite a bit of fur off, and scratched her face and neck obsessively! Dr. Haarstad has been phenomenal in finding the right combination of food and medication. She has been a great comfort when I felt like my cat was never going to find the answers! ”

- Andrea P.

“ I have an 8 year old, 185 pound Newfie with allergy issues. Dr. Harstaad came into the picture earlier this year to help us get his inflamed paws, ear infections, and hot spots under control. We do allergy injections and are refining his care plan, but already Mal is much happier and less itchy. She works collaboratively with our vet, Dr. Ambrose at Animal Wellness Center, and I only wish that human doctors managed to coordinate care so well! ”

- Jackie M.

“ A Big Thank You to Dr. Amy Haarstad for looking after and curing Poppy's ear infection and Pebbles skin condition. She is the most kind and caring Doctor that we have ever met. ”

- James J.

“ Dr. Haarstad is amazing. She has been working with my goat Cash and he is doing great. She was his last option and she is getting him back to himself! ”

- Leah D.