Dr. Haarstad uses extensive knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat the root cause of skin disease symptoms in animals, including:

  • Frequent itching/scratching
  • Excessive licking or chewing
  • Abnormal grooming behavior (in cats)
  • Sores or swollen areas
  • Irritated, crusted, scaly, or flaking skin
  • Not wanting to be petted or touched (indicating discomfort)
  • Hair loss and/or changes in skin color
  • Dull or greasy coat
  • Changes in nail color, size, or shape
  • Pus, crusting, redness, or swelling around nails
  • Head shaking

Proper treatment requires accurate diagnosis. Some common procedures we provide include:

  • Skin biopsy and dermatopathology: Minimally invasive test, done under local anesthesia (numbing the skin), where we collect and analyze a small skin sample to diagnose different skin diseases.
  • Skin cytology: Simple diagnostic test used to quickly assess skin infections by examining a sample under a microscope, performed in-clinic for rapid results.
  • Skin scraping: Quick, simple test to determine if mites (mange) are causing the skin condition by scraping affected and non-affected areas with a small, dull blade.
  • Trichogram: Gently plucking hair samples for analysis to identify secondary fungal and mite infections.
  • Bacterial and fungal culture: We take a sterile swab or biopsy of the affected area and send it to a microbiology lab to determine if the infection is bacterial, fungal, or both.

Our top priority is the comfort of your pet. If you’re noticing signs and symptoms of a skin condition in your pet, contact us to set up a consultation and exam today.